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Design of dairy recombination plants

The design of a plant will follow the following process:

- Establishing product, packaging and volume requirements
- Establishing local restrictions and possibilities
- Presentation of possible configuration options and their pro's and con's
- Detailed design of preferred option and price indication

Depending on your requirements there may be a range of plant types possible but most certainly an array of possible plant processes configurations. In principle the areas that need to be pinned down are:
Factory design

- Recombination process
- Treatment process
- Packaging lines 
- Control/CIP configuration
- Support utillities

Aspects like budget restrictions, local limitations, availability of potential reconditioned parts, labour shift hours, etc. will of course be taken into account to arrive at a solution that above all does what you require within your means.

If the client is satisfied with the conceptual design we can prepare a detailed quotation and establish a preliminary time table for the implementation.